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Buying mining gear can be a hassle—I’ve bought thousands of ASIC miners from different spots and always got ’em delivered. If you want a smooth deal from trusted sources in China, hit me up!

Buing Crypto Mining Hardware with Falkor Mining

Verified ASIC Suppliers

Thanks to owning and operating a crypto farm with more than 2000 ASIC miners, I’ve built multiple contacts, mainly in China and Hong Kong. I’ve processed purchases for miners worth a million dollars. Be cautious on social messengers like Telegram and Discord, where many sophisticated scammers operate.

Turnkey Solution

ASIC miner’s buying process is straightforward for me after doing this for two years. I have trusted contacts who’ve never betrayed me. I know which shipping company to avoid – DHL, FedEx, or UPS, good question right?  In the case of US Customs Inspection or when a miner gets damaged in transit, that’s why finding a trusted reseller is crucial.

Multiple Payments Accepted

When paying for miners, most Chinese and Hong Kong vendors only accept cryptocurrencies such as USDT stable coin. Forget about credit cards, and some might accept standard wire, but it’s complicated. If you decide to purchase miners through me, you can pay with a credit card, ACH, wire, or crypto without any hassle.

Free & Individual Consulting

Most importantly, I have experience with most ASIC miner brands. I can recommend the best one for you individually based on your hosting provider’s location, helping you avoid expensive repairs too early. While miners like Whatsminers are generally more robust, with a well-built farm in the right area, even Antminers make sense

ASIC Hardware FAQ

What ASIC brands do we sell?

At Falkor Mining, we work with multiple ASIC brands and suppliers, including some of the most common brands such as Bitmain and MicroBT. We are constantly expanding our partnerships to provide our customers with a range of options to meet their mining needs.

Does Falkor Mining provide new and used miners?

Our main focus at Falkor Mining is on providing brand-new mining equipment. While we understand that used ASIC hardware may be available at a lower cost, our experience has shown that it can be very risky, particularly for retail customers.

Are shipping, duties, and tariffs always included in the total cost of the order?

We strive to keep things simple and transparent for our customers. That’s why we always provide an all-in price that includes shipping, duties, and tariffs, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees or surprise costs.

Do we sell ASIC miners only to our hosting customers?

No, at Falkor Mining, any customer is our customer. We believe in the spirit of community and helping each other in the crypto mining industry. That’s why we are here to provide the best buying experience, regardless of whether you choose to host your miners with us or somewhere else. 

What miners do we recommend?

Based on our experience, we generally recommend Whatsminer for robust and reliable mining, especially for air-cooled farms. If you’re considering immersion cooling, we believe Antminers are the way to go.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.