ASIC Repair Shop

Send us your malfunctioning miner or hashboard today. We offer a no-fix, no-fee policy, meaning we do not charge for troubleshooting or testing. We only charge for repairs made, without any hidden or additional costs. Follow the tutorial below to begin your repair application. Additionally, all hashboard repairs come with a 1-month warranty.

Antminer S19 Family


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Antminer L7


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Start Repair Application

1. Know all Information

Please have the following information ready before submitting a repair application: miner/hashboard serial number, brand and model, shipping tracking number and company, return shipping address, and a detailed problem description.

2. Shipping Label

Create a shipping label and ship it to the address below:

Peter Brazda / Falkor LLC

19100 SW Warfield Blvd

Indiantown, FL 34956

424 205 9460

3. Repair Application

To proceed, please click on the 'Repair Application' button and fill out the entire form. If you are sending more than one miner or hashboard, please fill out a separate application for each once you have finished filling out the previous one.

4. Ship to Us

Finally, after you have created the shipping label and submitted the repair application with all necessary data, please carefully pack your miner or hashboard and send it to us. We will take care of the rest and contact you soon.

About Hashboard Repair Store

At Falkor Mining, we have two Bitmain-certified repair technicians. We have now expanded our repair services to include WhatsMiner repairs. Our success ratio is over 95%, and we never charge you if we are unable to fix your hashboard, meaning that the board will be fully functional for hashing.


Repair Center FAQ

Do we repair other ASIC brands?

We currently only repair Antminers from Bitmain and WhatsMiners from MicroBT.

What are the signs of a good ASIC repair shop?

At Falkor Mining, we believe that a good ASIC repair shop should offer free troubleshooting, testing, and inspection services. If your hashboard is not hashing, it usually requires soldering, and we won’t charge you just to tell you what you already know. We only charge for the actual replacement of ASIC parts or physical repair using the hot air method, which may involve replacing ASIC chips, temperature sensors, or other ASIC components.

Can Falkor Mining repair Antminer S17 family?

Due to our past experience with the problematic S17 generation, we are currently only accepting for repair miners from the S19 family or newer

How long does it take to repair my miners?

At Falkor Mining, we aim to repair miners or boards within two weeks of receiving them. After repairing and testing your ASICs, we’ll send you an invoice for the repairs and return shipping costs. Once you pay the invoice, we’ll ship your repaired miners within one to two business days.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer support team.