Truth About Crypto Mining

Hi! I am Falkor, the Luck Dragon. In 2021, I jumped into the crazy crypto-mining gamble, hoping to get my Lambo soon. Long story short: I started as a technician with zero experience at a small farm in the Southern US. One year later, I bought the whole farm, but a lack of experience, a bear market, and several other factors contributed to the fact that I sold my farm in 2023, totally exhausted on all levels. I survived, and I have learned several life and business lessons. I share this story because it feels right. If you’re thinking about starting your mining journey, I highly recommend beginning with self-education. While I no longer own or operate any farms, my industry contacts allow me to secure ASIC miners and recommend trusted hosting centers.

My Mission

Educate Yourself First, then Consider to Become Miner


Educate Yourself First!

Discover the complete Falkor Mining story and educate yourself first. Simultaneously, I'm sharing hands-on experiences with ASIC miners, mining hardware and crypto farms and colocations.


Choose the Best Miners

Crypto mining is a nuanced game; it's neither inherently good nor bad. Thanks to my industry contacts, I can secure the best deals for ASIC miners and parts from China and HK.


Find Trusted Hosting

My daily presence at the crypto farm granted me valuable experience to recognize good and bad operations. I can connect you with a few trusted and fair hosting centers that I personally trust.


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